The benefits of using The period underwear

Total confident with the period underwear - You deserve to feel good, have fun and succeed in life! No more "niggling fears" or chances of embarrassment.

Absorption - with the latest Leakproof absorbent technology, our period underwear will absorb any leakage or discharge. Three layers of breathable fabric make our undies leak resistant, stain releasing and moisture wicking (NO plastic or films). Full lining holds up to 3 to 4 regular tampons’ worth.

Maximum comfort with the period underwear without leaving moisture or staining your clothes.

Elegance of period underwear no diaper effect, an elegant design with a very feminine style.

Our health first - because we don't want products with toxic chemicals that harm us, we have developed a natural way to stop them.

Protecting our planet - with The Pantist period underwear you help save the planet, sanitary pads are damaging our health and pollute our earth.

No odor with the period underwear - Made of a textile technology that combat smells keeping you fresh all day.