Period Tanga Invisible

Light Flow
holds up to 2 regular tampon worth
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Light Flow
holds up to 2 regular tampon worth

Keep sexy without ruining a single moment with our Thong-styled period panty. While keeping you comfy and secure, trust in the all-day confidence of our 3 layer design that is leak-proof and designed to keep any sign of spotting out of sight. With a breathable fabric and low coverage, you won’t even have to think.

  • No visible panty lining
  • Protection without excessive fabric

12 hours of

No leakage, no odor,
no wet feeling.

Washable and

More ecological than
traditional protection.

Sexy panties
from S to 4XL

Pretty and comfortable
for every woman.

Easy to wash
and reuse

It is very easy to wash and
lasts 5 to 7 years.

Why choosing
The Pantist Underwear ?


Innovative technology for a total protection



The high degree of absorption is achieved by using 1 to 2 thin layers (depending on the level of absorption chosen) of highly absorbent and anti-bacterial technology fabric. The liquid is drained inwards and the moisture on the surface is quickly evacuated, thus avoiding any smell or wet feeling.



Waterproofing is provided by a thin layer of certified fabric that is both perfectly waterproof and highly breathable.



The comfort of the whole period underwear is due to a clever mix of bamboo fiber and spandex which results in a soft and durable material that moulds to the body while allowing it to breathe.

Ecological & Durable Conception

95% Bamboo Fiber

For the Softness

Flexible, solid and light at the same time. Bamboo fiber is also soft to the touch, making it comfortable to wear. They are naturally anti-bacterial.

5% spandex

For the Elasticity

The spandex advantage is its incredible elasticity: you can remove your fabric and it will always return to its original size and shape.

PUL resistant

To Make Panties Waterproof

This PUL fabric makes the fabric waterproof while keeping its breathable properties. Perfect for menstrual panties.

Ecological & Durable Conception

Take care of your underwear


Rinse first

Until the water is clear

Machine wash cold

No softener or bleach

Hang to dry

Flat and air dry

Reuse, Repeat

Economic & Ecologic

The Best Economic
Period Alternative

It's not only about the money
but also about the planet.


Save $1500

In one year, a woman spends $320 in period protection, bedsheets thrown away and underwear repurchased. A total of 1600$ over 5 years.

With Period Underwear, the expenses over the same period is around $89 if you count the purchase of 3 undies. $1511 Saved in 5 years.


Save Turle and Dolphins

287 lbs and 330 lbs of periodic protection (tampons, towels, applicators) thrown in the trash. Go save the turtles !With Period Underwear, no more waste. I help save turtles and dolphins by reducing my environmental waste. 

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